We all know it, but now we have a way to see exactly how love messes with our hearts.

Breakups hurt, and as many of us who have gone through it know too well, it can be a depressing period of your life full of tears, loss of appetite and lack of sleep. And as one fellow recently proved, going through a breakup can seriously cause havoc to your heart rate. Koby Soto, 28, from Tel Aviv, Israel was painfully dumped by his boyfriend over the phone, and unknown to him, his Fitbit captured his heart’s reaction at that exact moment.

Koby’s heart reaction was captured by Fitbit- a device that steadily tracks and record data of your steps, heart rate and calories that your body is able to burn. The device showed that Koby’s heart rate was at 72 beats per minute earlier that day when he was calm before receiving the breakup news, but it sharply rose to 88 beats per minute later in the afternoon when he had received the ‘breakup’ phone call.

The law student at Tel Aviv University took a screenshot of the Fitbit data to prove his point. In fact, the data showed that his heart rate remained at that high level for the rest of the day before getting calmer later that night.  Koby noted;

“You can tell people you have heartbreak and you feel bad. But they then become less cynical when you show them the numbers or once you show them the data or graphs. Everyone felt it; it’s interesting you have something to show.”

Koby’s Fitbit story has literally broken the internet after sharing the screenshot on his Twitter handle captioning it.