Cheat Map is All You’ll Ever Need

Hunting down the slickest characters on Pokémon Go is a task not all of us are cut out for. After all, it does involve a lot of running around and since not all of us are fitness freaks, the extra bit of exercise might just get to us, irrespective of how hooked we are onto the game.

Thankfully, the same technology that glues us to our smartphones in search of those rare Pokémon characters now gives us an easier way to go about it. A project that’s on its way to  be the savior to every Pokémon hunter who doesn’t mind resorting to a cheat or two promises you a detailed Pokémon map, a map that leads you straight to the Pokémon character ysou are looking for and of course, this map can also help you avoid the nasty ones.

Developed by Ahmed Almutawa, the Pokémon Go-Map project is hosted on Git Hub and with a few geeky steps like setting up Python on your PC is all you will need to do. But, dodging the Niantic radars by resorting to a few smart moves, like setting up an alternate account, is just as important. Well, we never said it was going to be easy, but hey, once it’s done, it’s like the secret of the Matrix unraveling before your eyes!

Open a browser tab after running the script and you’ll have at your fingertips the real-time locations of all the Pokémon in your immediate vicinity, or those on any other map you may choose. In fact, in addition to giving you the present location, the map even tells you how long the Pokémon will stay in that particular location before pulling the disappearing act.

Now, if hunting down those Pokémon with the help of this map sounds like you’re resorting to cheating, well, that’s because you are. But hey, if you can bump up your performance, and then, save some energy in the process, why not!

Give the map a go, and see how far it takes you in hunting those evasive Pokémon characters and let us know how it turns out for you.