This is a first step in the race to build IoT for the masses.

Picture this: you buy this cool looking product, but when you get home, you find that’s its ineffective or the paper instructions make little or no sense leaving you in total frustration. Without doubt, these are some problems that plague consumers on a daily basis when they buy goods either from stores or online. Fortunately, PayPal is now looking to provide solutions to these problems after having its Augmented Reality (AR) patent granted.

Filed last January and granted last week, PayPal’s patent titled “Augmented Reality View of Product Instructions” is set to give consumers the opportunity of taking a detailed look at a product and analyze its pertinent information including price, reviews, comparison, needed accessories, purchasing options and many more before buying it.

In accordance to this patent, PayPal aims to make the purchasing process easier by assisting people during the entire process.

“Buying products today is increasing complex because products are accompanied with exhaustive instructions that may be overwhelming for a consumer to follow,” the patent reads.

While most of us often discard these paper instructions after the initial set up of a product, it sometimes comes back to haunt us when we get it wrong or when certain accessories are missing. That’s exactly where PayPal’s AR payment comes in handy as it enables you to thoroughly interact with a product in an immersive way before making the purchase.

With this new AR payment process, Paypal is set to continue transforming the payments landscape and improve everyday life.