Back in 1993 HD was still just a pipe dream, but there was some cutting edge experimenting going on and this person has dusted it off for all of us to marvel at.

We all love retro footage of New York City, but more often than not, the quality and production values suck. Fortunately, a rare high definition clip recorded in 1993 vividly takes us back a trip down the memory lane to New York City.

This “time warp” glimpse of Manhattan was ripped from an old D-VHS HD videotape at a time when the modern camera technology that’s now commonplace was still in its infancy. The video that was uploaded by YouTuber Pedant is an impressive reminder of the weird fact that the rampant clips shot from iPhones and smartphones today were not fashion of the time.

While the footage looks as if it was shot yesterday, it brings back a nostalgic memento that you had to have a camera that weighed around 10 pounds to capture the type of images and videos that we today shoot on the wince. So what does this video actually shows? It shows everything from the suits and the haircuts to the amazing skyline views, the Wall Street and the Twin Towers before 9/11.

Such evocative videos remind us just how far technology has come in the last twenty years and make us appreciate that we live in a culture full of fascinating things that we should enjoy while they last, because the future is always around the corner.