Don’t count these guys out, they are the real OG’s of the handheld game.

Handheld video game consoles are some of the most accessible and exhilarating channels to play exciting video games, and Nintendo has been one of the strongest players in this segment.  Now, with the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 3DS XL, the race just got hotter!

The new devices, with enhanced processors, Stereoscopic modifications and the ability to pay through mobile devices via the NFC feature make the 3DS and the 3DS XL winners all the way, and absolutely worth every penny.

Aesthetic changes help streamline the design and make every gaming experience a robust one. The quality of 3D visuals have been bumped up too, with a front camera making adjustments to the images onscreen in line with the location of the gamer’s face. This means that even if the gamer changes the angle of the device while playing, the quality of the 3D images does not diminish.

With a screen that’s 20% larger than the previous version, the 3DS model is for those who always wished the screen was bigger while the XL model has a bigger battery for those who wanted more juice in their gaming device.

The other functions that the new Nintendo handheld devices boast of are Micro SD Card support, a Wi-Fi Direct feature, new ZR and ZL buttons on the back, and the front, cartridge slots and audio controls.