Transforming the heat of a candle into an LED light. 

Many people in first-world countries may take electricity for granted not knowing that other parts of the world are forced to go, for long periods, without electricity. Notwithstanding, these people also have to operate at night and see in the dark. To cope with lack of electricity or severe power outages, these folks have to resort to using candles, which is a common form of lighting in these parts of the world despite the fact that candles cannot ideally light up even a single room. Perhaps in the spirit of curbing such unfortunate events, a utility LED lamp that does not require batteries or a plug, but only uses candle has been launched.


A company called Lumir has launched the production of their Lumir C LED lamp, which is a cordless light device that does not use electricity or batteries as its power supply. Instead, it uses candle light as its only source of power. Lumir C LED lamp works by harvesting the heat and light from the burning candle and turns it into electricity through its electromagnetic spectrums.


The whole process is simply based on the Lumir C LED lamp capturing a big chunk of the light from the candle that is unnecessarily wasted and effectively doubling its visibility output. In other words, a single candle can produce one unit of lumen, but when combined with the Lumir C, the lamp multiplies the illumination of the candle light to 15 lumens; thereby becoming useful in brightly lighting up a huge space.

According to Lumir’s founder, Jay Park, his Lumir C LED creation was inspired on a visit to India where he experienced widespread blackouts throughout the country.

“Even though many households in developing countries use candle light at night, it becomes very difficult and too dark to lead everyday life with a dim light from a single candle,”

notes Park. The shape of the Lumir C is inspired by the design of a lighthouse, which lights up the dark sea. Park also notes that Lumir C is eco-friendly and can be a perfect substitute to LED lamps that rely on batteries, which have been known to cause severe environmental pollution.

Coming at an affordable ‘early-bird’ price of $59, the Lumir C LED lamp is a perfect home accessory that can superbly fit in any home décor with its lighthouse-like design, lighting capabilities and availability in various color options.