Tesla sets its eyes on the home solar business.

From electric cars and big batteries to spaceships, Tesla has shown the world that they’re a jack of all things spectacular after they recently unveiled their stunning rooftop solar tiles.

After a multi-billion acquisition of well-known solar energy provider, SolarCity, Tesla hasn’t wasted any time in flexing its muscles to let the industry know that it means business. It hopes to become the leader of the solar energy industry by creating its own line of very sleek rooftop solar tiles.

Elon Musk, the billionaire chief executive and founder of Tesla, unveiled this new energy product and confirmed that it stands not only to power homes across the world, but would also give home roofs a serious facelift.


With the slogan, “Power from above, beauty from the street” Musk revealed that their solar roof tiles are durable, long-lasting and way cooler than the normal roofing materials.

“The future lies on electric cars, a Powerwall and a solar roof, which are of course better than ordinary roofs. It’s important that they’re all beautiful, affordable and flawlessly integrated,” Musk said.

The product that was unveiled at Universal Studios in Los Angeles comes in four categories; Tuscan, Smooth, Textured and Slate. It’s one more cool addition to Musk’s grand vision for a world that’s full of clean-energy.