This 3D virtual reality desktop will make working on your computer a truly immersive experience.

Virtual reality is one of the hottest things in technology right now and the Virtual Desktop app from Steam and Oculus Home now promises to give you a Windows desktop VR experience that will blow your mind.

Developed for HTC Vice and Oculus Rift, the app brings you the experience of a huge screen, on which you can do just about anything – play games, browse the internet, watch your favorite movies or simply go through the files on your computer – all in VR mode.

While VR has always been associated with a platform that is set apart from things we do on a daily basis, the Virtual Desktop app allows us to integrate VR into our daily routine functions.


This app makes just about everything cool and the development is not only expansive but is also quite detailed.

Photographs can now be viewed in 360-Degree mode and you can download and watch YouTube 360 videos. The Music Visualization is a reality on this VR platform through MilkDrop and users can customize the environments in line with their preferences through Environment Editor. Other features include 360 video playback capabilities via hardware acceleration, multi-monitor mode and the use of voice commands to launch programs.



The recommended configuration for the app includes a Windows 10 operating system, a 4GB RAM, DirectX Version 11, an NVidia GTX 760 or ATI Rx 200 Graphics Card, and an i5-2500k processor and the app will take up about 500MB of space.

The flexibility the app offers is what’s blowing users away. The control the app offers over features such as the distance at which the user would want the screen, the size of the screen, the placement of the screen and even the curvature of the screen is impressive.

The higher functionality quotient that Virtual Desktop offers may not be the absolute best, but when considering the ease of use, the practicality of features, the price and the configuration demands on your system it sure seems like one of the coolest packages around.