This Futuristic Mercedes Delivery Van is Innovation at its Finest

Mercedes-Benz is a name automobile enthusiasts swear by, and the name has been synonymous with sophistication and innovation for decades. This time around, the brand brings to the delivery sector a Vision Van that not only redefines last-mile delivery solutions but also does it all by keeping all the intricacies of delivery logistics as well as the environment in mind. Oh, and there are drones involved too.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van is a complete delivery solution that can be put to work for last-mile deliveries in an urban environment as well as the suburbs. The concept offers comprehensive delivery solutions that include a fully automated system that stores cargo in an intelligent system that hands out delivery packages to the delivery personnel without having to physically go through the back cargo.

Moreover, a drone that is part of the delivery solution picks up these packages and delivers them to nearby addresses while the delivery person continues on their route. This not only saves time on deliveries involving multiple packages and addresses, ensuring that a single delivery cycle takes care of a larger area at one go but being less taxing on the environment and human resources.

The van connects all involved departments and personnel through a digital network, right from the distribution point to the point of collection.

The first of its kind in the delivery logistics space, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van also offers an emission-free solution to last-mile logistics, and the 75kW electric drive offers a range of anywhere between 80 and 270 kilometers depending on the tasks that the van carries out.

An integrated mobility solution is a huge requirement for the delivery sector, especially in last-mile deliveries, and the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van certainly seems to offer all the possible solutions for an environmental, people,technology and a business-friendly logistical cycle.

Here’s a video that tells you all about the wide range of features that the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van smartly packs into its list of solutions. Welcome to the mobile IoT world.