The team at Leap Motion is looking to take VR into other business sectors.

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in technology, well its the now thing in tech, but apart from its many fun uses, the VR sector has plenty of promising avenues for its use to be put to the test. So it’s not a surprise that the industry is paying extra attention to innovations in VR, and among the pioneers in this arena is Leap Motion.

So what’s the latest on the VR anvil from Leap Motion? Orion Beta.

Orion Beta is a step up in the immersive VR environment, Orion offers a streamlined experience in hand motion recognition and gives users refined capabilities that are now among the best in the industry.


Leap Motion claims it has built Orion from the “ground up”, and lays down several factors like “lower latency, longer range, better and faster hand recognition, vastly improved robustness to cluttered backgrounds and ambient light,” to its list of features.

The tracking capabilities, for one, have received a major overhaul with the sensor now capable of determining actions while deciphering the movement of parts of the hand that are hidden by the sensors.


And another important aspect of Orion is its ability to handle complex environments with ease. So no matter how crowded a background may seem, or how uneven the lighting may be, Orion has the capability to even out all of these details and deliver one of the best experiences.

The range has also seen an increase in this version and showcases extended hand movements finding the right reactions in the virtual scenario.

Of course, what your fingers do is most important when it comes to hand recognition VR and the grabbing and pinching actions find enhanced responses via the game engine, thus offering users a more realistic experience.


The delay in recognition has been reined in as well, and the tracking of movements are a lot faster and more accurate in Orion. The responsive quotient has certainly received a strong improvement here.

The Beta version also witnesses the resolution of several previous glitches including the ones while running apps, the crashes related to multiple clients and the calibration issues.

The Leap Motion website has a page dedicated to help you get started of Orion Beta, and offers the SDK and Plugin documentation too.

While this version itself proves to be an impressive one, further development is sure to bring several enhancements that will make this VR platform among the best in the industry.

This sure seems like a Virtual Reality ride we’ll all want to be a part of.