There is trust and then there’s trust and this guy has a lot of trust in technology.

Late last year, Tesla introduced its new over-the-air version 7.0 software update to its Model S. The new update, which brought Autopilot self-driving features to the futuristic car, was slated to be compatible to any Tesla Model S that had been built since 2014. B ut then, would you really trust your life with a car driving itself at 70mph? Well that’s exactly what Alex Kersten from Car Throttle set out to find out.

Kersten took to testing the car in perhaps one of the most challenging roads in the world: M4 motorway in the United Kingdom. He let the car take control of everything from the steering wheel, brake to acceleration, and sat back to assess the experience.

As Kersten shows in the video the Autopilot feature, which has an incredible built-in GPS system and other innovative characteristics, enables the car to basically do almost everything for him. While he doesn’t test every situation that you might encounter when driving, the video highlights that this is a system designed for linear highway commuting.

Cheers to him for trusting tech, literally with his life…which begs the question, if you have an autopilot car that can drive at 70mph, can you sit back and enjoy a pint? Hmmm, we’ll have to look into that one.