Taida the Robot Artist Can Paint Better than You

Even though the world’s greatest painters and artists have all been human, it now looks like robots are going to give humans a run for their money. This is after a robot named Taida beat fellow robot artists to the grand prize of $30,000 in the recently held Robot Art Contest, and take a long breathe…. Taida’s creations are some of the best paintings you’ll see in quite a long time.

Developed by electronic engineers from National Taiwan University (NTU), Taida sparked both fear and wonder when it out-painted fellow robot artists from more than seven countries. Taida captivated everybody by surprise when it painted a tranquil life of a bowl of fruit in a classical style that judges described as “the comparative complexity in the robot’s color mixing abilities.”

Looking at Taida’s other paintings; you’d be forgiven for thinking that there were people wielding the brushes behind the scene. Take for instance, Taida’s Albert Einstein painting; it created this eye-catching work of art by first decomposing an image into abstract shapes. It then adds rich details of layers in what is a plain indication that the realm of artificial intelligence and robots is unfaltering in becoming a reality.

To make it even cooler, Taida periodically steps back from the canvas to visually assess the progress of his work, in the same way a human artist would do.