This is a new spin on one of the oldest techs in the world.

Since the beginning of life, time has been one important factor that man has always relied upon. During the ancient times, sundials were used to generally tell time. Introduced by ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, the magical concept of sundial was used to tell time by observing the shadow emitted by the sun through an object specifically designed for this purpose. In bringing this ancient time-teller to the modern world; French inventor, Mojoptix, has designed a modern 3D sundial that can digitally tell time just like any other modern wall clock or watch. is no denying that ancient sundials were particularly important in telling time long before modern wall clocks and digital watches became part of everyday life. And in bringing the ancient sundial concept to the modern world, Mojoptix incorporated 3D printing technology into the ancient device to come up with an object that can digitally tell time.

The 3D-printed digital sundial is designed to calculate the angles at which sunlight would land on the object throughout the day. In a similar way to ancient sundials, Mojoptix’s digital sundial does not depend on any motor or electronic power. In fact, there is no need of batteries as it is completely fueled by the sun to tell time. The device follows a mathematical formula, which enables the device to only let through sunrays at given times or angles. These sunrays are let through by intricately layered holes that are present in the device.

Even though this device is super-fancy and magically depends on the shadow created by the sun, it still has some limitations that will not afford you the chance of discarding your digital watch just yet. It only works during the day between 10am to 4pm and only projects 20-minute increments, which maybe so inconveniencing. Nonetheless, this digitally-enhanced ancient way of showing time still looks impressive and magical.

For those interested in this timeless piece, visiting Mojoptix’s Etsy store would be the best place to start. Mojoptix takes about 35 hours to manufacture the device, but you can manufacture your own digital sundial if you have a 3D printer, armed with design files and tutorials from Mojoptix and of course some spare time.