The Microsoft Hololens is one step closer for developers.

Microsoft’s Hololens is set to make its way to developers at the end of this month. The much anticipated augmented-reality headgear will officially begin shipping on March 30th with the price set to be about $3,000. The company made the announcement on a blog post saying that the device that has been kept under lock and key since it was revealed over a year ago will be released to selected developers in the U.S. and Canada.

hololens 03

As an AR device, Hololens has the capability of displaying holographic images into the user’s field of view without having to black out the real world. Unlike other VR headsets from Oculus, HTC and Samsung, Hololens is not fully immersive, however, it will be the first commercially augmented-reality headset that will layer holograms on top of your vision by having a giant HD screen that floats in front of you. This will be enabled by precise motion sensors and a built-in 3D depth-sensing camera that project images in a fully interactive way with the physical world.

hololens 02

In courting developers for the Hololens development edition, Microsoft is trying to evade the outcome of its Kinetic Motion-sensing Controller. This device was released in 2010, but flopped due to lack of developer interest that led to its commercial failure. The Hololens entry into the market, albeit through developers should increase competition in the futuristic headsets market and according to the engineer behind Hololens, Alex Kipman;

“We fully believe that the future will not just be confined to two dimensions. The future of VR headsets technology is one that will closely mirror our real-world environments.

Microsoft is optimistic that Hololens will pick up commercially once developers have hyped its capabilities just as happened to Apple’s iPhone. In the meantime, we have to admit that this is the most exciting project that has come out of the company in a very long time and hopefully, we’ll eventually get to see how it really works outside of its demo environments.

hololens 04