History of Eccentric Game Controllers

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, there are hopes that some scientists will one day download human consciousness straight into a machine. When these scientists achieve that dream, video games will become more than immersive and there will be no need of video game controllers. Until then, we’ll have to stick to using controllers as the main way of interacting with video games.

For that matter, this video by Super Deluxe gives us a glimpse at some of the best and worst video game controllers ever designed. From two buttons pads, joysticks and ergonomic controls of yesteryear, to the modern game controllers such as Xbox 360’s wireless pad and PlayStation’s DualShock, this video highlights that game controllers have evolved a great deal.

While the classic controllers were somewhat faulty with nothing amazing about them, modern controllers tick all boxes in terms of functionality and comfort. Nonetheless, it’s important to appreciate the history of these controllers and know that not all of them are created equal. Some are cool, while others are crazy and downright outlandish. All the same, they deserve recognition for good and for bad.