The new age of sleep is here and it’s all tech based.

Meet Mooring, a smart ultra thin thermal mattress pad that not only lets you sleep comfortably, but also optimizes your sleep by delivering you exact and comprehensive sleep data. In other words, the Mooring Thermal Mattress Pad is a smart sleep system that has a built-in sleep tracker that uses an amazing predictive learning technology to analyze and make your sleep as best as possible.

Structured by Mirahome, Mooring comes in three models for different beds and sizes. The models are advance and each Mooring mattress has five layers, which consist of; batting layer, fabric layer, silver fabric heating layer, MatrixTemperature monitor system and touch-sense foil.

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This amazing product also has a lightweight thermostat mattress that you can place under the sheets to monitor your body temperature, while the heating layer mechanically regulates the outer temperature to ensure that you effortlessly fall asleep and wake up. Additionally, you can choose to use twin temperature tracking to keep an eye on your various sleeping styles, especially when you’re sharing the bed with a partner.


On top of that, Mooring has advanced sensors that track your heart rate, temperatures, light level, noise and of course, your breathing rate. All this information will be sent to your phone through an integrated wireless Wi-Fi so that you’ll have your whole sleep knowledge at your fingertips. Remember, it can also wake you up by using vibration and raising the temperature slightly higher whenever you set its alarm.


To acquire this extra cool Mooring product, you can pledge $179 on Indiegogo with shipping slated to begin this coming October.