Well at least for its new search functions, where it will let you hear sounds of animals…which means we can finally know what the fox says!

Google seems to know a lot of things: from the weather to essentially everything that happened before any of us came to existence. However, one area that they had never touched was animal sounds, at least until now. The internet giant will soon be introducing a new feature that can identify animal sounds.

Users will have the option of talking to Google app on their gadgets or typing specific questions like, “What sound does a dog make?” At the beginning, this unique feature will have a total of 19 animal sounds including; cow, dog, cat, ape, elephant, duck, humpback whale, sheep, rooster, zebra, pig, owl, raccoon, tiger, turtle, turkey, moose, lion and horse. Searching for any particular animal will also reveal the animal’s picture.

It looks like this interesting functionality will be of major help not just to children, but to adults too.