Just in case you couldn’t get enough of Google, they’ve made it easier for you to use their platform.

Even though Gmail stands out as the most popular webmail service in the world, there are of course many other people who do not use it. These people still prefer using other webmail services such as Yahoo mail, Outlook.com, Hotmail and many others. Buoyed by this, Google is still on their mission to have as many people as possible to join their Gmail bandwagon. In doing so, the internet giant has introduced a logical, but interesting step of ensuring that non-Gmail email account users can perfectly change their email addresses to use Gmail services.

The app that is known as Gmailify, offers other email users a platform where they can access many Gmail features without necessarily having a real “@gmail” address. Even with its awkward name, Gmailify enables other webmail users to access their accounts easily and sufficiently within the Gmail platform. This interesting app also comes with various features found on Gmail accounts such spam protection and inbox organization whereby mails are split into social, promotional and primary emails.

In enjoying the services of Gmailify, users of other web mails will first need to manually install the app on their Android phones or tablets.  They will then be required to open Gmailify and simply sign in with their non-gmail accounts just as it is done normally. With this Gmail app, non-gmail account users are likely to enjoy faster and advanced searches that Google provide, as well as having all their mails in one place.

Even with these potential benefits, Gmailify has some notable downsides. This amazing app is so far available only to Android users and on the internet, thereby locking out users of iOS systems. It also seems that you will have to have the Gmail app to better access Gmailify services.

For now, it remains to be seen whether Gmailify will prove to be an important feature for non-Gmail account users or it will turn out to be a deathly waste of time.