The search giant is looking to make it easier for you to search and see more social data about your favorite brands and celebrities.

Social networking is probably the strongest revolution to hit the internet lately and who would understand what people want on this front more than Google, the ultimate search engine for the masses.

Recognizing the importance of a connection to an entity’s social media presence, as well as the hunt for one’s social media footprint, Google has now made some enhancements to the way it displays its search engine results in relation to popular celebrities or brands.

Here’s how this new feature from Google works.

When you run a search for a celebrity or a brand, Google, along with the usual information on News, Images, Web, and other regular intensified search options, it will also display information via a special social media bar.

This bar, placed in the Google Knowledge Graph on the search results page, and will display the social networks that the celebrity is active on, as well as the latest updates on these networks. All major social media giants like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook find a place here.

Apart from information on these social networks, the section will also display Google+ updates in real time.

Whether it is a celebrity from the world Hollywood, or a brand that you run a search on, this new social media bar from Google is sure to give you the most recent social network information.

All you have to do is run a Google search and look to the right!