The wonders of technology often reach us sooner than we expect. Products and solutions that were only a vague idea a few years ago are a reality today, and again, it is the great strides that technology itself makes that allows this!

Here are a few technologies that were discussed at the World Economic Forum, and will reach us even before we know it! Cars that drive themselves are almost a reality today. Soon, electric vehicles that generate electricity through the conversion of hydrogen will prove to be an answer for current pollution issues too. Experts now say that the first of these cars could be cheaper very soon.

Robotics is a promising sector in technology, and very soon, friendly robots are scheduled to make a considerable difference in various sector, from farming to healthcare. Of course, there’s a fun side too, where there are plans to have robots compete with humans on game shows!

Plastic contamination is a serious global issue today, and technology is beginning to provide some answers to the core cause of non-recyclable plastics in the form of Recyclable Thermostable Plastics.

Drones have captured the imagination of this generation, and soon, these machines will be able to fly without human intervention!

Technology is overhauling the healthcare segment too. The Digital Genome, for example, is a simple USB stick with information linked to your genetic structure, helping the doctors of the future to reach an accurate diagnosis, quickly!