Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. This has gone to the extent whereby the mere thought of being without them becomes pretty scary. Your mobile phone is probably the first device you look at when you wake up and the last thing you go through before you go to bed. It is one thing that you can’t just leave behind. To showcase our reliance on the devices, and maybe the negative effect that its having on our lives, French photographer Antoine Geiger has created a series of photographs that have people, literally, engrossed in their devices.

In the project titled SUR-FAKE, the 20-year-old photographer brings to light the sensitive issue of how our dependence and addiction to technology is taking over the core values of human culture.

In his own words, Geiger says: “Technology dependence and addiction is a real issue. Nothing was staged in this project. I went out and captured the reality.” 

This powerful project shows how phones, and technology in general, not only alienate people from one another, but also from their bodies and their surrounding world.

The project appears to be casual photos of people browsing their phones and taking selfies, but are turned into horror-film-like scenes. Geiger uses his digital paintbrush to show how people in the photographs lose their identities with their faces being literally sucked in their mobile phones. This project acts as a warning that our compulsive obsession with hyper-connectivity and technology has distorted human relationships. While it is true that we need our devices to run our modern lives, the devices make us unconscious, nagging and obscured from the rest of the world around.

Our addictions to mobile phones are not going to change unless we decide not to be imprisoned by our electronic devices and do something about it. Without that, it may not be surprising that our souls could be stolen by mobile phones just like it is shown in these images.