Ok, so this may truly be a 1st world issue, but finally someone has figured out how much of a pain it is to keep flipping from tab to tab in a browser.

Web applications such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, HipChat and many more are increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. It is difficult to imagine a desktop that does not run most of these applications on a daily basis. The problem is, running these web apps on separate tabs on your browser is never easy especially when you’re multitasking. You know how hectic it gets when you have to switch back and forth from say; watching Netflix on your Mac while surfing the web and looking at email. Fortunately, a new app, known as the Fluid Browser is set to solve this problem.

Billed as a floating browser app that allows everyone to multitask, Fluid is a new web browser for Macs that greatly improves productivity on your desktop. This app allows Mac users to enjoy their web browsing alongside their media content from various places like Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo and many more. In essence, the Fluid Browser comes with picture-in-picture capability that, for example, allows you to watch Netflix in the forefront while you browse in the background.

Just like any Apple user will tell you, using the iOS 9 has never been easier and enjoyable, thanks to the new picture-in-picture mode that is supported on the iPad. In almost the same way, Mac users now have the same opportunity on their desktops with the Fluid Browser. It works just like other normal browsers, but literally “hovers” on top of other windows that you can easily open without having to stop the media content. A remarkable bonus of this app is its transparency feature that lets you view the content behind Fluid, but only when you activate the feature.

According to Grant Wilkinson, Fluid’s developer and a senior as the University of Denver, the idea came to him because it was something he felt was necessary.

“As a college student in the younger-generation, there is this growing need to have running media content on while also on the internet,” he says.

The app costs around $2.99 to download in the App Store and is one of the best selling apps and looks to be something that a lot of people will looking to get soon – us being one of them!