The era of flex screens is upon us and the guys at Lenovo are trying to lead the way.

Lenovo is known for its innovative ideas, but this one is probably the best of the lot. In sharing its vision of how the future Smartphones and connected devices should look like, the electronics manufacturer unveiled its Cplus concept, which is basically a futuristic smartphone that’s so totally flexible and bendable it can be worn as a bracelet.


Unveiling this latest device at its Tech World Conference in San Francisco, the Chinese firm showed off its prototype technology that includes a smartphone and a tablet. With both bendable screen and internal hardware, the smartphone can miraculously turn into a wearable wrist band while the tablet can fold in half, thereby becoming easier to carry and use. Practically, the flexible handset would have a 4.26-inch bendy display, come in 12 different colors and use an Android operating system.

Even though the phone’s interface changes to a simple working watch and fitness tracker, it still remains an impressive and cool gadget that’s set to become popular with millennials.