These crazy Fins decided to test out what it would be like to attach a chainsaw to a super powerful drone and well, all we can say is Bravo gentlemen, Bravo.

An onslaught by a gigantic drone armed with a flying chainsaw has left many people with mixed feelings of being impressed, confused and worried at the same. This is after a bunch of Finnish farmers thought it wise that these whirring flying machines known as drones are actually not threatening enough on their own, and strapped a chainsaw to it.

These enterprising folks give a preview of just how scary a drone apocalypse would be when they unleashed their chainsaw-wielding killer drone. It descends to inevitable chaos as it leaves nothing standing by cutting up some unsuspecting snowmen, icicles and nearby trees. The video that was uploaded on YouTube by mistyfridayfilms shows the remote-controlled powerful multi-rotor drone flying through their air with a dangerous chainsaw, nicknamed ‘killerdrone’ attached to it.

All these while, the operators stand way too close to their home-produced launch pad as their killer drone slowly and harmlessly roams over the woodlands before getting into action and wrecking havoc on the snowy landscape. While it is very scary to watch, this video shows that such a machine may have some practical uses that may be helpful in the agricultural industry.

But in a rather unexpected fashion, the drone is easily undone and crashes to the ground after coming to contact with a pink balloon. So should we be bombarded with a drone apocalypse, we may apparently need to protect ourselves with lots of pesky latex creations.