Smart savings isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and in today’s commercialized world, where spending your money is the easiest thing to do, saving it instead is quite a task.

Surprisingly, one of the things you probably spend your fortune on – your smartphone – comes in handy here, offering you an impressive lineup of apps that help you handle your finances better. We did some research and these apps make it to the top of our list of candidates that can be your virtual financial assistants!

If tracking your monthly expenses or even keeping an eye on your weekly budget is a hassle, Toshl Finance is an app that will do all this for you. The app even handles currency conversions, so you don’t have an excuse for not acting on your savings no matter where you travel!

Daily Cost is another app, and as the name goes, it watches out for your daily spends, helping you rein them in.

Spendee is an app that believes in encouraging you to save, and even gives you virtual pats on the back when you do!

There’s Moneywiz too. With a detailed calendar, this app helps you keep an eagle’s eye on your budget, planning your savings for the coming months in line with the spending pattern of previous calendar months.

Then there’s Whallet. This one works on your PC, your tab, and your smartphone, so you can keep an all-round watch on your spending.

Now you’ve got no excuse to not be saving.