Facebook’s Legacy Contact Feature, Safekeeping Memories

So where do you meet your friends, colleagues and family members almost on a daily basis and come in touch with every facet of their lives even without meeting them in person? Well, the busy lives that we lead these days hardly allow us to take some real time out for those who are close to us, and yet, we manage to find a way out and do so on a different level, thanks to Facebook.

As much as you enjoy the company of those close to you on this social networking platform, your family also enjoys knowing about your day or simply checking on your page and seeing your face smiling back at them.

Now, your friends and family can remember these times of your life even after you pass away with Facebook’s new Legacy Contact feature makes this possible.

While Facebook had earlier given you the option of having your account deleted in the event that you depart from this world, the new feature of Legacy Contact allows you to hand down your Facebook page to a contact of your choice, albeit with limited actions depending on the permissions you allot them.

The person you choose as your legacy contact can download and store your posts, make announcements through pinned posts, act on pending or fresh friend requests and update your cover photo or profile image too.

This added feature is indeed a thoughtful one from Facebook.