The New and Helpful Place Tips Feature from Facebook

Facebook, with 1.35 billion users, is one of the most popular social networks on the planet today and has radically changed the way we communicate and keep in touch with our colleagues, family member, friends and just about everyone we choose. Of course, as a popular member of the online community, the social media giant is also committed to the quality of features it brings its users, and the latest in its lineup is Place Tips, a feature that helps users choose a place to eat or even a place to spend some time in, whether it’s a museum or any other public place.

The fact that the feature relies on the experiences of a user’s own friends’ past experiences or knowledge of the place in question makes this new feature reliable too.

The Facebook mobile app is a great addition indeed and here’s how it works.

Here’s a scenario; you are searching for a place to grab a quick bite and really can’t make up your mind. So wouldn’t it be great if you could call up a few friends and check?

Well, Facebook’s Place Tips feature makes it simpler. Based on your Facebook friends’ past experiences they have shared through comments or updates, Facebook lets you peek into all the available information.

With the option of switching on keeping your own location secret and switching the feature on and off too, Place Tips sure seems like a great tool to help make a call from sources you trust.