Well, we’re not sure if its actually Evil, but it is build by the people over at Evil Mad Scientist Labs, so we figured there must be a little bit of Evil…maybe the ‘Diet Coke of Evil’…if you don’t get that one, watch Austin Powers

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories creates and sells um …interesting gadgets that make everything look kinda cool and AxiDraw now tops that list these days. This plotter robot may be an ultramodern one, but the way it gets to works is amazingly simple. Give it a flat surface and fix a pen or marker, yes any pen or marker (so you don’t have to buy a special one that’s made just for the plotter), and the plotter gets to work on your chosen design.

So how versatile is this machine when it comes to writing instruments? Consider this, we all know fountain pens need to be held at a certain angle so they can be used properly. Well, AxiDraw does just that, holding fountain pens at a 45-degree angle so that the words come out perfectly clear.

Moreover, the instrument can use other non-conventional writing and drawing implements such as charcoal, paintbrushes, pencils and even chalk.

Whether it is writing out simple sentences with unbelievable perfection or drawing complicated designs, AxiDraw manages all this with extraordinary ease, and this machine will never tire, unlike us humans who are simply not used to writing anymore.

The design of the plotter is such that its drawing head extends beyond the body of the machine itself, thus extending its drawing reach. The mounting easel that comes with it makes it easier for you to set up a work area that includes cards, envelopes or other similar material.

At $450, the AxiDraw seems like a pretty good deal, especially since it can help you with a range of material, including signing certificates, writing out envelopes, menus, notes and cards bringing to life computer artwork or even complicated technical drawings.

“Simple, modern, precise, and versatile” is what Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories labels the AxiDraw, and we certainly agree.