Edward Snowden’s iPhone Case Will Keep You Safe from the NSA

Edward Snowden is a name our generation will never forget. Thanks to his revelations, the entire world woke up to just how governments can invade our privacy in the name of security. And even while he lives in exile in Russia, Snowden continues to bring to us new information on how to keep our data safe from the NSA.

The latest in the line towards this cause is not just a set of papers or a speech, but a proposed hardware device that just might be the answer to keep your iPhone safe from the prying eyes of government agencies.

Aimed specifically at keeping journalists and other activists safe from being tracked down through their phones, this set of hardware is still an idea on paper. However, coming from Snowden and Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang – a renowned hacker – we can be sure that the solution they are offering is a comprehensive one indeed.

The idea for this unique iPhone case was proposed by the duo in a technical paper labelled, “Against the Law: Countering Lawful Abuses of Digital Surveillance”, and has already gained a lot of attention. For starters, the idea of a simple cellphone case doing the smart work of keeping your device protected and disabling it from sending out signals in any way to other tracking devices sounds quite efficient.

After all, an everyday consumer would find carrying the case a lot easier than going into the technicalities of how deceptive his iPhone can be.

“Front-line journalists are high-value targets, and their enemies will spare no expense to silence them. Unfortunately, journalists can be betrayed by their own tools. Their smartphones are also the perfect tracking device,” begins the paper.

And although this may sound a bit dramatic to some, the truth is that journalists have indeed been exposed to dangerous elements, thanks to their cellphone signals.

Snowden and Huang mention a specific case where a journalist named Marie Colvin lost her life in 2012, killed by Syrian forces. A lawsuit filed earlier this year claims that Colvin’s cellphone signals were intercepted by the Syrian government, which eventually led to her death.

A cellphone can give away your location through several means – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, it’s cellular service, the radio or a host of other electronics and apps. If Snowden and Huang develop and sell to journalists and activists these proposed iPhone cases, working in the dark would finally come true for these seekers of truth.

You can read more on Snowden and Huang’s paper here.