The team at drone maker DJI have gone all in to woo the Hollywood heavy hitters.

Filmmakers have often been forced to curb their creativity for lack of the right resources to to be able to reproduce them onto film. Well, they have a new weapon in their camerawork arsenal now, something that can truly take cinematography to the next level – drone maker DJI’s latest offering, the Matrice 600.

This newest release from the ace drone manufacturer is aimed specifically at the film and television industry and at the recent National Association of Broadcasters’ Annual Summit held in Las Vegas, was where DJI chose to showcase its latest innovations.  As expected, the Matrice 600, or the M600 immediately caught the attention of the filmmaker fraternity, and although the $4,599 price tag is sure to ward off regular drone enthusiasts, the professionals are sure to sit up and take notice.

So what’s the unique selling proposition that DJI is attributing to the Matrice 600?  It’s a heavy lifter, which means that some of the best cameras in the world can now be mounted onto the drone, allowing cameramen to explore angles that were beyond reach before.


Unveiled at the hands of Academy Award winner Claudio Miranda, the Director of Photography for Life of Pi, this drone has six powerful rotors on the efficient machine showing off its capability of lifting up to a whopping six kilograms of payload. We’re sure Miranda must have been just one among the crowd to let his imagination go wild on all that would now be possible.

And the Matrice 600 sure packs a punch on every front!

With the $1,599 Ronin-MX gimbal assisting its moves and controls, as well as the Zenmuse Z15 series proving to be options that support the workings of this machine, the Matrice 600 can transmit 1080p video from up to an impressive five kilometers away with the help of the Lightbridge 2 video transmission technology.

The built in A3 flight controller, upgradeable to A3 PRO, is just what this heavy duty specimen needs to fly those smooth flights, and the three inertia measurement systems and as many GPS units help make this all possible. For those who wish for even more accurate flight patterns, an upgrade to the DJI Real-Time Kinematic or the D-RTK GNSS technology is also available.

The power that drives these mind-blowing technologies lies within six DJI Intelligent Batteries, managed by the Battery Management System, a system that allows for the turning on of all six batteries, with absolutely no adverse effect on the flight pattern in the case of a failure in any one of the batteries.

The integrated technology also allows the operator to keep an eye on battery power levels  in real time when the Matrice 600 is in flight.  Flight time varies from up to 16 minutes with a camera like the RED EPIC or up to 36 minutes with one like the DJI Zenmuse Z5.

On the transmission front, the USB, mini-HDMI and 3G-SDI ports support video transmission at 1080p or 60fps and professionals are sure to find the freshly built DJI Lightbridge 2 system an excellent auxiliary for their broadcasting needs.

The DJI GO app and the latest DJI Assistant 2 prove to be perfect partners for the M600 and impressive features include control over ISO, shutter speed, video capture, remote focus and aperture on the camera front, live HD access, battery and redundancy status, and a lot more.

In addition to this impressive lineup of features, promising upgrades and updates make the Matrice 600 one of the best in the DJI stable, and the film making fraternity is sure to find a worthy camerawork assistant in this one.