This guy took a 1990’s relic and has reinvented it as a modern day cool tool.

The Nintendo Power Glove may not have received the kind of applause and fan following that the company was expecting, considering how radical a gadget it seemed to be in the beginning by bringing into the gaming world a new way to play, it certainly gave gamers something new to explore.


Now, while the hand-worn NES controller itself had a limited run, it seems like its capabilities are still being tweaked and pushed to levels even its makers wouldn’t have thought possible by true enthusiasts, and Nolan Moore is one among them. In fact, Moore has reincarnated the Power Glove, getting it to control the flight pattern of his modern day Parrot AR Drone 2.0!

Moore revealed his rigged Power Glove at the Bay Area Maker Faire recently and those who stole a glance would have imagined him to be a magician who controlled the flight of his drone simply by moving his hands as if it held a wand. In reality, Moore held a Power Glove that was tweaked to its limits, tearing down another one to know its workings and then building this one to suit his heightened hunger for something radical.

So what does this perfect match up of the retro control device and modern day flying phenomenon give birth to? A Power Glove that allows the wearer to control a drone simply by hand movements.


Of course, it isn’t as simple as it looks. What the original Power Glove still holds within it is only a fraction of what Moore has added. From brand new control boards and Wi-Fi radio to sensors in the fingers, this genius has changed just about everything the old yet appealing gadget had.

If you are a geek and wish to get into the details of how Moore rigged the Power Glove with modern components to get through with his project, here’s his log that gives you a comprehensive description.

Moore doesn’t intend to stop at merely controlling a drone either, and hopes to transform the Power Glove into Universal Human Interface Device, something that can control just about every gadget there is through myriad channels such as IR, USB and Bluetooth, simply by putting on the futuristic looking glove. And we can’t wait!