Drone Racing at Night is Outrageously Cool

If you’re a gamer and love FPV (First Person View) racing, then you’ll want to see this drone racing video that was shared by GoPro is worth every second. GoPro, the master manufacturers of versatile cameras, released a clip of a drone racing at night as captured by Tony Thompson during the recently held Phoenix Cup, a FPV drone racing competition held in Phoenix, Arizona. Even though Tony finished second in the hotly contested race, he won the GoPro award for his cool video.

It turns out that Tony’s drone was moving at a bewildering 70mph speed and was only beaten to first position as a result of some dodgy turns and decisions. Nonetheless, it’s almost akin to the legendary video games such as F-Zero and Wipeout with the visuals looking like something from a Star Wars flick, albeit with a little grainy quality.

So far, FPV drone racing is becoming more popular and gaining an international vibe. With the now available financial support, growing fan-base and such eye-appealing results, you can expect drone racing nights will be on your TV screens sooner rather than later.