DJI, no novices in the drone department, have been working on their newest machine and it looks like its going to set a new bar.

DJI has unveiled to adventurers and professional visual creators the epic Phantom 4 drone. While this quadcopter camera drone may look like your usual piece of drone hardware, it holds in its sleek confines a rather impressive list of wicked features.

DJI is selling the newest model in its drone line up as as a smart device,  and not just another ‘toy’. and one look at the features of the new Phantom 4 will convince you of this.

The improved camera, with an effective 12 megapixel output is only the beginning of what this machine can do.  It still has the various photography modes, including Time Lapse, HDR, Single Shot, Burt Shooting and more, but its additional wide range of video recording modes that come together to make this feature rich Drone a step above.

One of the big changes is the raised rotor blades which smartly stay out of the way of every piece of even the most intense footage you capture.  Also the old self tightening propeller system has now been replaced with the improved push and release blades that will make it even slicker when a blade change out is needed.

Tagged as your creative sidekick, the drone’s most striking feature is probably its Obstacle Sensing System technology, which uses sonar and visual sensors to avoid anything that might come in its way or damage it. The sensory range for this feature is pegged between 2 and 49 feet.  Which is one of the most awesome features that will let you focus on your stunts and not what might hit the camera.

It also has The Smart Return Home feature that lets you call your drone home with a simple double-tap of the control screen

There is the Active Subject Tracking system that lets the camera automatically track the main subject to create footage that solely revolves around the intended star of the video and gives you the footage you need to build out an awesome story.

The improved battery also gives the Phantom enhanced flying times of up to 28 minutes so that you have some extra time to create some great aerial imagery.

With a maximum ascent speed of 6m/sec, a maximum descent speed of 4m/sec and a maximum flying speed of 20m/sec, which should give you all the torque you need and of course, it is the Sports Mode that pushes this machine to its limits.

DJI has revealed its plans to begin shipping units on March 15th and has already begun taking advance orders for the Phantom 4.

“Visionary Intelligence. Elevated Imagination” – The tag line for the DJI Phantom 4 sounds about right indeed,but we think something like “It ain’t your granddaddy’s drone!” might even fit this better.