Don’t Believe Everything You See on Your Monitor

It’s true that we often think of our computer monitors as passive entities that cannot be exploited by hackers to attack our systems. But the reality will shock you. While we’re only talking about PC security, it now turns out that hackers could hijack our computer monitors and use them to access our systems.

This alarming news was revealed after a team of security researchers led by Ang Cui, a chief scientist at Red Balloon Security, formulated a method of hacking into the devices that control the monitor and manipulating the screen’s pixels to spy on victims.

While presenting the technique at the Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas, Cui and his team displayed an attack scenario, which they say is pretty simple. All the hacker has to do is trick the victim into clicking on a phishing link or visiting a malicious website to attack the firmware that runs the monitor.

“It’s possible that your monitor can be hacked so you shouldn’t blindly trust your monitor’s pixels,” said Cui.