Your smartphone is your lifeline today and without it, even getting through a day seems impossible.

However, no matter how expensive or smart your device may be, it does require your attention in certain matters, and cleaning unwanted files and apps from your storage to make way for more memory on your phone, is one such function. Of course, this also helps your phone perform optimally.

So if you wish to avoid the ‘Phone Memory Full’ message flashing at the wrong times, or if you wish to keep your phone’s functionality quotient at its optimal, here are a few ways to clean your device.  Your phone’s cache mostly holds data that it doesn’t really require, so cleaning the cache once in a few weeks, helps your phone get back at least 1 GB of storage space.

WhatsApp is another contributor to your phone memory. Often, unwanted images and videos are automatically downloaded to your phone, and stay there. Choose the option of manually selecting the files you wish to download, and this issue is taken care of.

Sort out the unwanted apps on your phone, and delete them.

Cloud storage options prove to be a great help when it comes to unloading your phone memory. Store all the files you think you don’t you really need on your phone, on a cloud storage app instead, and you will find your phone performing a lot better than before!

Use these tips for a glitch-free smartphone!