First thought of as a bit of a joke, the Chromebook is now turning heads and winning market share.

Since 2011, Windows PCs have been facing challenges from not only smartphones and tablets but also from Chromebooks from Google. Chromebooks have been gaining popularity in the PC market with sales going up 47% in just a year. Companies like Lenovo, Asus, and Acer are providing this product at a very reasonable price. Even though Intel and Microsoft have dominated the PC market for a long time, the increasing sales of Chromebook can cause a threat to their industry.

Cheap Windows Systems Suck

Anyone who purchased a laptop on a budget is aware of the nightmarish process. Even though all the companies boast of having the best of everything in a cheap price, the problem always occurs. The cheaper your laptop is, the more problems you will face in future. Every big laptop company like Dell and HP are aware of this face and it is a way for them to make a profit. The manufacturers save their best features for their high-end products and many bottom end systems end up getting bad features. Faulty keyboards, super sensitive trackpad, or an extremely narrow display, all these problems are faced by people who buy their products on a budget. There was a time when people got excited on low prices of laptops, but now, if the price of a laptop is low, everyone knows it must be of low quality.

Let the Market Go

If Lenovo, HP, and other OEMs can improve their margins of profits and have a better quality of product lines instead of going for cheap hardware, then people can afford to buy good laptops without having to worry about their budget. The system that is in place right now is not really working for anyone as the customers are not pleased with the purchased hardware, the profit margins of OEMs aren’t going up, and people are not actually using Microsoft’s operating systems, which they don’t want.


It may affect the PC sales for a while, but as time will go by, they the PC market will understand that this is the best move possible. By placing good hardware and software in the PCs will allow people to eliminate the terrible experiences they face with low-priced laptops.