Hungarian inventor wants to put business cards to even better use.

Technology is an amazing thing and one look at the ECG Business Card will tell you that the Health sector is among the most thankful for the mind boggling innovations that the tech sector has given us over the last few decades.

So what is the ECG Business Card and why is it such a big deal?

Well, for starters, this ECG-monitoring device comes in the size of your standard business card, and although the manufacturers themselves say that the readings aren’t completely full proof and certainly cannot be put to use as a diagnostic tool, it sure helps keep a tab on you.

Designed and developed by a Hungarian startup, MobilECG, this unique business card has two contact pads where you can place your thumbs. A tiny screen then shows off the ECG lines that tell you how your heart is doing and it also displays your pulse rate.

This ECG card is cheekily called the “ElectroCARDiograph”


The power supply is taken care of by a button cell battery, the developers say that the battery should last for up to an hour of use and that the card automatically goes on standby mode when not in use.

MobilECG founder Peter Isza has pegged the price of the card at around $29 for now, but has promised that if the demand for the product increases, the rates might come down for mass production.

So the next time you hand out your business card it’ll be like proverbially knocking out those two birds with one stone, except that this one will do a lot of good.  Create a great impression and help the person keep a tab on those heartbeats too.