Building blocks, who doesn’t love them, but the reality is that they’ve pretty much stayed the same over the years, right? 

As popular with kids as they are with geeks, building blocks have been a standard addition to most of our childhoods and it is no wonder that they hold our attention even as adults. So it wasn’t really surprising to see two grownups try to create the next generation building blocks that they hope will last for centuries to come.

They’re call BRIXO and there’s Three types of blocks make up the BRIXO lineup – Connectors, Action Blocks and Trigger Blocks.

The Connector Blocks are used in your creation to put together the circuit that will eventually light up your structure.


The Action Blocks are the ones that help in designing your structure, this is where the compatibility factor with other building blocks like Lego comes in. What this means is that you can use BRIXO (because they offer so much more than your traditional building blocks) with your other blocks!  So it doesn’t mean your old block collection needs to be put out to pasture and gather dust, it means that you can now build intricate designs with even more flexibility and creativity.

Last but not least, comes the Trigger Blocks. These are the ones that need to be strategically placed so that you can activate the circuit within your building blocks structure. The trigger blocks react to sound, proximity and light, which gives you and amazing ability to build like you’ve never built before.

There’s also a Battery Block that holds the power that let’s you bring your creation to life – cue the Dr. Frankenstein music…”…its Alive, its Alive..”


But wait there more!  Because we live in a connected world that’s increasingly dependent on mobile technology, the team a BRIXO is developing an integration into your smart device that will allow your creation to connect with your phone via Bluetooh and give you access to the internet. Crazy!

So who the hell are these guys that have taken the toy brick building industry into the 22nd Century?  Well ? Almog Boaz and Amir Saraf are both physicists, who obviously have the knowledge and the passion to come up with the scientific platform and apply it to one of the most sacred passages of rites for kids and doing it in a way that’s cool and entertaining.

Together, they, Brixo Smart Toys Ltd., and will soon head to Kickstarter to find the funds for further development and expansion. Cheers to a whole new generation of block builders.