Ex-Apple Engineers Want to Bring a Cool Tech to Your Car

Apple Inc.’s entry into the car manufacturing industry has been shrouded in mystery since the rumors surfaced in the past year or so. While nothing concrete has emerged from those reports, it’s now clear that a group of ex-Apple engineers have started a car-related technology company that’s set to transform vehicles today and in the future.

Known as Pearl Automation Inc., the startup company recently launched its first product; a rear-view camera called RearVision, which is a wireless backup camera system. This stealth mode system is based on high-tech software that will live stream high-definition recording of everything going on behind your car straight to your phone, which you’ll hook on your dashboard or vent.

Pearl RearVision 02

According to Pearl, RearVision is not only weatherproof, but is also easily install-able on the license plate frame in a matter of minutes. Interestingly, RearVision will cost $500 and will not require you to purchase a new car as you can as well install it on your old car. Nonetheless, you’ll have to wait until September to get your hands on this cool product.

Pearl RearVision 05

Pearl RearVision 03

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Pearl RearVision 01