Looks like the world champion GO player is willing to take on Google after all.

After defeating the South Korean GO grandmaster Lee Sedol to clinch a $1 million prize in March, Google’s AlphaGo will soon be taking on the reigning champion, Ke Jie.

While Go is regarded as the toughest game in the world for computers, this match is made even more interesting by the fact that Jie only turned 18 a couple of months ago and has already toppled the very best Go players in the world, including Sedol. Sedol had been the world’s number one Go player between 2007 and 2011 and was widely seen as the greatest Go player until Jie beat him earlier this year. In fact, he was ranked number four in the world when he lost 4-1 to AlphaGo.

On the other hand, Jie has honed his skills in the last few years to become the current number one. Having turned down the chance to go against AlphaGo in the past, the Chinese prodigy seems to have changed his mind and now fancies beating the AI.

Bragging on his Weibo account, Jie said:

“I don’t want to compete against AlphaGo because looking at its matches with Sedol, it’s weaker than me.”

With such confidence, he added: “Even if it beat Sedol, it can’t actually beat me.”

It now looks like Jie will challenge AlphaGo and ultimately prove that he’s the very best at his sport. While there are no details on when and where the match might take place, it’s been confirmed that discussions are ongoing between both sides, who are so inclined to making it happen.