This is a case of when a promise bites a company in the ass!  Comcast picked the wrong guy to throttle his service.

When advertising their services, Internet Service Providers (ISP) use ‘sweet’ words to lure as many clients as they possibly can. “Here is the chance to enjoy entertainment your way with High-speed internet,” so goes an advertising cliché from Comcast. But as most of us have annoyingly experienced, the promise of High-Speed internet is often an illusion. The internet speed will pathetically drop with no explanation given and reluctance from the ISP to take responsibility or refusal to listen to low-internet complaints.

However, one Comcast customer pulled off an ingenious scheme to publicly shame and fight back whenever the internet speeds fell below what was actually guaranteed in the contract. Using a configured Raspberry Pi bot, the annoyed customer tested, recorded and automatically tweeted his internet speeds whenever they dropped to unacceptable levels.

Perhaps well aware that yelling or actively protesting against a giant company such as Comcast would not do him as much favor, the creative customer settled on passive aggression and used a Twitter account handle to publicly complain, let the world know and publicly shame Comcast every time their services were despicable.

In one of the tweets from the Twitter account that is fully controlled by the Raspberry Pi bot, the customer publicly shamed Comcast by tweeting;


In fact, the Raspberry Pi bot ensured that all the tweets follow the exact same pattern. Having sent these tweets since October 2015, the Raspberry Pi bot has garnered more than 2,500 followers.

As is customary on the internet, the news quickly spread on Reddit where the annoyed customer turned out to be one Reddit user, AlekseyP. He did though confirm that Comcast’s internet speeds have lately improved compared to three months ago when he started his passive aggression.