You Can Now Orchestrate Light for Your Living Room

Nothing helps take the mood of a living room experience to another level more than proper lightning.  Ask any interior designer and he/she will instantly tell you that the use of good lightning brings a magical feeling of comfort, concord and tranquility into any setting.

To take lightning features up a notch higher, a small engineering team called Woodenshark has introduced a smart lightning system called Lightpack 2 that is designed to enhance the living room experience in terms of how you enjoy video games or watch your TV screen. Unlike the original Lightpack, Lightpack 2 is a stand-alone version that’s specifically designed for computers and any other media center which use HDMI cables.

Lightpack 2 03

In other words, Lightpack 2 is designed to let your screen and game scenes, characters as well as props appear in revitalized forms under a number of lightning variations. It creates a soft shadow that transforms the surroundings with a higher level of practicality while preserving clarity, vibrancy and texture.

Lightpack 2 04

Apart from being easy on the eyes, Lightpack 2 is a really cool set and once you try it, we’re well sure you’ll never go back to other ordinary lights.

Lightpack 2 05

Lightpack 2 02