Bagel Lets You Measure Anything You Want

Even though the classic chunky tape measurer is still a very useful tool and you probably have one in your toolbox, it feels so outdated and so last century. And because it’s the 21st century, well, you might need a tape measure that is up for the modern tasks at hand.

Known as Bagel, this is precisely the only tape measure that you’ll ever need. Bagel is re-chargeable, has built-in data storage and Bluetooth connectivity so that it can send data and measurements to its mobile app. This smart tape measurer can also record voice memos, organize, save and analyze your measurements.



Bagel is a versatile device that comes in three modes: string mode, wheel mode and remote mode. In string mode, Bagel can measure up to 3 meters using a folding string that’s linked to the tape’s OLED display. If you have only one of your hands free, you can choose to use the wheel mode as it simply wheels along the surface for up to 33 meters.
Last but not least, the remote mode comes in handy when you want to measure the distance of a surface that’s hard to reach. It has a built-in laser pointer that uses ultrasound to measure distances not exceeding 5 meters.



In short, Bagel is a cool modern tape measurer that certainly deserves the “world’s smartest tape measurer” crown.  Currently on a Kickstarter campaign, you can own this futuristic tape measure by pledging $59 with shipping set for November.