We think this was one of those ideas that was probably great on paper, but failed to live up to the hype when it was shot. Don’t get us wrong we love the idea of a personal robot, but a 12 minute commercial is a bit much.

For those who’ve been longing to invite a real-world version of BB-8 into their home, here’s your chance. This is after Asus, an innovative Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, unveiled a cute home robot named Zenbo.

Coming at a cost no more than a high-end smartphone, around $599, Zenbo is surprisingly affordable and apparently essential for kids, seniors or anybody else. The most important part of it is that Zenbo can talk, provide assistance when needed, play games with your kids, tutor them, control your home, provide reminders, monitor security, respond to voice commands and even help you choose the perfect belt!

This futuristic home robot is capable of independent movement as it has two wheels that are shaped like vacuum cleaner balls. It has an extruding head that comes with a 360⁰ camera and a colored touchscreen that displays a face with various emotions.

While unveiling it, Asus chairman Jonney Shih said: “For many years, human beings have been dreaming of having a smart companion that’s always at our disposal and dear to our hearts.” In short, having Zenbo in the house will possibly mean that you won’t need house help in future. While it’s unquestionably cool, the sell message needs to be edited.