AI Just Stepped into the Beer Game

The latest strides in Artificial Intelligence has impacted different parts of our lives, but who would’ve ever thought that AI would someday be used to brew better beers?

Yes, AI will now give us beer that’s perfect – at least AI perfect! A brewery start-up in London, IntelligentX, is now using AI to create beers that not only satisfy clients with that little buzz but also brew beers of esteemed quality.

The co-founder of IntelligentX, Dr Rob McInerney, calls this move “creativity structured by data.” This unique brewery offers its client four types of beers which include the classic British ale, an American ale, a British beer with a hint of grapefruit and a Marmite brew.


After having tasted any one of these beers, you can share your feedback and opinions with the company’s Facebook Messenger bot, which will incorporate the feedback received to alter the recipe and create an even better beer. The bottles even come with their own version numbers, as you would see on any bit of software. So, it’s pretty clear that IntelligentX is aiming to create better versions of beers and putting effort to deliver customer satisfaction.



The ABI (Automated Brewing Intelligence) is responsible for making these new and creative batches of beers and with the aim of spreading the knowledge, the new beer recipes will even be published so that other breweries could use them to create their own beers.

So now, you needn’t complain if you’re unhappy with your beer. Just share your feedback and like a genie fulfilling your wish – Poof! You’ll have just the beer that you always wished your had. All thanks to AI and what IntelligentX is doing with it.