Its hard to think that this could be a real thing, but being an Instagram Addict is a real thing.

So you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do while stifling that yawn is check out the latest on your Instagram page, and then, you repeat the same action in the night before going to bed. Well, this is only one way to find out if you’re an Instagram addict. There are plenty more!

With numbers that beat even Twitter, Instagram is indeed the social network platform of the new century. Here’s a list that will help you find out if you indeed deserve the tag of an Instagram addict;

  • You visit scenic locations (and weird ones) only to find great images for your Instagram account.
  • You decide your look for the day in line with the colors you have in mind for your Insta persona.
  • You have cooked a great feast for friends and family, or find a relishing dish on your table at a restaurant, and before you dig in, you want that perfect click!
  • Sorting through dozens of filters is an everyday task for you.
  • Your phone memory’s is almost always full.
  • A post a day is your least count on Instagram.
  • Clicking a photograph of another photograph? Seems normal to you.
  • You find that amazing pic at an amazing location, and don’t tell anyone where it is!
  • You have never used the Instagram camera.
  • So if you check off most of these boxes, you’re probably an Instagram addict!