As much as we didn’t want to like it, we’re finding it to be feature-rich and stylish too.

The changing face of technology ensures a timeline that’s faster than we can ever imagine and one in this race, the latest on the wearable gadgets front is the Apple Watch. While Apple’s iPhones, iPads and other products like iPods have long captured the senses of dedicated buyers across the globe, the Apple Watch is set to take Apple into the wearable market.

Of course, with prices ranging from $349 (seems just right for a watch) to $10,000 (now, there aren’t many out there who would be willing to shell out all this kind of moolah for a watch, no matter how smart it may be), the Apple Watch sure has a wide array here.

In browsing social network platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the Apple Watch comes in quite handy, pun intended. The voice recognition feature even allows you to use your voice to update those tweets.

Then there are apps like Nike+ Running and Runtastic that help a user track and monitor important body readings, while if you get too tired on your jogs, you can use your Apple Watch to access the ride-sharing app Uber!

Of course, text messages, calls, emails, and music are standard fare.

The Apple Watch was launched on April 24th, 2015 and although that date seems like a long time ago (when compared to the pace of technology), a look at its long list of initial offerings makes it an impressive gadget even today.