The intersection of fashion and tech has been somewhat of let down so far, but fear not help is on the way.  Here’s our look at some of the ones we think you might actually fall in love with it.

In the last two years, the wearable technology has taken the world by fire. From solar powered purses to sensor packed watches, there are a lot of varieties available for tech lovers. There are still great amount of changes happening in this market as seen in CES 2016. Here are seven you’ll simply fall in love with.

  1. Wristband Pay Chipsband

The wrist-mounted wallets are about to hit big. MasterCard’s Trials in 2012 Isle of Wight festival, the Rugby World Cup 2015, the plastic supremo was seen handing pre-paid PayPass bands out to game-goers and corporate guests, laden with cash to splash at the match. It is fitted with a contactless chip like a sim allowing you to buy a round by just waving your wrist over a contactless reader.

  1. Fitness Trackersfitness

My grandma referred it as a glorified pedometer in the double price when a renowned insurer offered her a fitness tracker at a discount. Now every day she hits over the 7,000 steps mark, she would make points – and we all know what points mean – prizes.  She will gain the newfound fitness and also enjoy all the prizes it comes with. From travel offers to spa retreats, fitness trackers are likely to guide you towards a better and healthier life.

  1. Smart GlassesSmart-Glasses

Google Glass didn’t have a promising start, but, thankfully the gadget is back in development. Smart spectacles were just unveiled by Carl Zeiss who are pretty much the same as the everyday glasses, meaning no more sacrifices for the sake of science by the design fans. More of these smart glasses include Varia Vision by Garmin, which can offer you a safe bike ride.

  1. Hearables01

Thinking of getting some new earphones? How about ones that can monitor your movements? Misfit manufacturers have built new earphones that can tap into your neuro-activity and take your temperature.

Wireless Dash buds by Bragi are considerably smarter, a live activity of feedback, packing in-ear biometrics, and smart canal-filling experience with gesture control. We will be seeing these chips in every pair of earphones pretty soon.

  1. UV Patches03

This first venture by L’Oréal into wearable tech is completely free and will respond to UV rays when stuck on exposed skin. The patch colors will change by using the photosensitive pigments depending on the presence of specific rays. The cool thing is that, via NFC, it will sync with your smartphone.

  1. Smart Insulin Patches02

Diabetic and fed up of all those insulin injections? Scientists are researching on a skin patch that will sense the high level of glucose and deliver insulin automatically. The patch is still in the early stages and hopefully, will be available soon.

  1. Connected Clothing04

The sports gear from Hexoskin’s is bringing out a range of fabric that will measure steps, heart rate, and more without any chest strap or wrist band. Soon everything from clothes to gadgets will be a tap away from your phone.