Injured tortoise gets a new shell thanks to 3D printing.

It’s time to shell-ebrate because Freddy has a new shell! Freddy is slow, really really slow. Well, she’s a tortoise. Perhaps because of her slow nature, Freddy was unfortunately caught in a massive bush fire in Brazil that burnt away 85% of her shell.


In normal circumstances, a tortoise with injuries as devastating and severe as Freddy’s wouldn’t live to see another day. Luckily for the female tortoise, she ended up in an animal hospital in Sao Paulo where the medical team noticed that she looked bothered when let out to explore the area around the hospital because her shell couldn’t properly protect her.

So when ANIMAL AVENGERS, a team of tech-savvy animal specialists from Brazil stepped in, they gave Freddy a chance to take another shot at life. Thanks to their innovativeness, this group of pioneering surgeons helped the tortoise to overcome all odds to become the proud owner of the world’s first and only custom-made 3D printed shell.



In achieving this landmark, these surgeons used a 3D computer imaging model to reconstruct Freddy’s shell using her exact measurements. They then made a four interlocking piece of prosthesis using corn-derived plastic, which was painted and assembled on the tortoise’ back to restore her former appearance.