We’ve come a long way from the old ‘here’s a cardboard box’ go amuse yourself.

As one of the most successful and largest toy makers in the world, Mattel has always led by example in promoting the idea of helping kids design and build their own toys. In showcasing their latest products at the Toy trade fair show in New York over weekend, Mattel unveiled its new “ThingMaker” that will allow kids to design and print their own toys. This latest device follows on a device with the same name that was released by the company way back in the 60s to let kids create collectibles by pouring a liquid plastic into metal molds and exposing them to high temperatures.

The toy company has however, reinvented the ThingMaker into an affordable $300 3D printer that lets kids create their toys within the comfort of their homes. This modern device works with a mobile App that allows kids to creatively design their toys on their phones or tablets before wirelessly sending them to the easy-to-use 3D printer for creation.


Image Source: www.theverge.com

The mobile App comes with a lot of blueprints such as scorpions, dinosaurs, rings, skeletons and necklaces that enable the user to customize the toys before printing them on the 3D printer. The printer that is structured for kids aged 13 and above is designed with a host of safety features that prevent kids from attaining any wounds. For instance, the printer’s doors lock robotically when it is in use while other parts of the device retract when it is not in use.

he ThingMaker 3D printer is already available in the stores, while the printer’s app is available on various Android and iOS app stores. This will certainly change the way kids interact with their toys.


Image Source: www.theverge.com


Image Source: www.theverge.com